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David and John Agar established Agar Commercial Property Consultants in 1989. Many years of experience combined with a dedicated team who are committed to achieving excellent results on behalf of their clients has led Agar to being at the forefront of the Commercial Property Sector in Ireland.

In 1999, David, not content with being on the periphery of the property market established a sister property development company Profile Properties. In January of the same year, Profile Properties commenced work on a 25 acre ‘greenfield’ industrial site on the Nangor road where within a very short space of time it arranged for major infrastructure works to be carried out enabling the development of approximately 52,200m2 of warehousing and offices, having an end value of €63 million. Less than 24 months later, the final part of the scheme was completed and sold out.

Profile Properties has grown into a vibrant and energetic private property development company which has been actively involved in the Dublin market. Profile Properties has gained an enviable reputation for its ability to crystallise its development plans within record time schedules and to design levels far above market norms. In this short time, in conjunction with our business partners, we have created a portfolio of world-class developments carried out on a highly professional basis and to institutional standards.





The company continues to seek out new opportunities across the full range of development capacities. Our origins in the marketing and sales of property, our experience of working both solely and in partnership as developers, and our clear ability to identify the market potential in sites, makes us an obvious choice for consultation on property projects of all kinds.

New Opportunities

Our Thinking

Successful property development is about balancing fantasy with facts, mixing research with vision, and combining economics with style. It ought to be a creative enterprise driven by high standards, cooperation, risk-taking and (of course) profit making. Profile Properties and its professional teams strive for and thrive on such things.